Can YOU do that again?

Test your skills and become the ultimate rhythmic copycat. Watch to learn the multicolored patterns and then repeat it back as accurately as you can to the music.

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DittoBeat Screenshots

DittoBeat Features

Captivating gameplay that develops your rhythm and timing skills to upbeat electronic music. Players are awarded combo and score points based on their ability to precisely echo back rhythm patterns using the multicolored controller. Be careful, missing 3 times means game over!

Easy To Use

The easiest to use music game ever! Very simple to navigate with a quick tutorial. Intuitive gameplay whether a beginner or rhythm game enthusiast.

Great Soundtrack

A selection of upbeat electronic music made specifically for music games. Also new exclusively produced songs automatically downloaded and immediately available to play.

Global Ranking

Compare scores to other players. Do you have what it takes to be considered the best rhythmical copycat in the world?

Earn Coins and Awards

Awarded and purchased coins can be utilized to obtain new music as well as special features. Up to 100 awards to be obtained!


5 unique PowerUp options that enables players to take their score to the next level!

Social Features

30 unique avatars to choose from. Connect to Facebook and Twitter and separately share score accomplishments with friends.

Portable & Optimized

Enjoy playing on a mobile phone or tablet anywhere! Designed with support for landscape and portrait orientations. Simple synchronization settings allow for a great cross platform experience on virtually any device!


Entertainment with a discrete and familiar style for players of all types and age ranges. Once you try it you'll never want to stop!


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